Liv Ashcroft • 2014 Camaro SSPaint Protection

"Anthony at Elements does an outstanding job!  The quality and caliber of the products he uses and his workmanship speak for themselves.  It is worth your time to protect your investment regardless if it's a dd or your dream.  And his pricing is extremely reasonable 

To speak on the caliber of this product...I bought my dream car and took my family out to dinner and while parking I misjudged the cement barrier at the end of parking lot.  I cringed at the noise that I was sure was the lower section of my passenger side bumper being shredded.  I got out to find the clear bra took all the damage and did shred..it left only a small scratch in my paint. The repair of that bumper had I not had the clear bra would have been over $700."

Seriously it's worth your time!

Jack Turner, Ski Nation

"Anthony Powell (Elements Media) is fast, reliable, and extremely creative… all for the right price for our budget. Best of all, he was able to take my vision and translate it to a graphic series that was even better than I imagined."

Manuel Gant, Window Tint

“Anthony is very professional and really cares about doing a good job. I am completely happy with the way my car came out of his shop. He makes sure you leave with a smile.”

Stephen Stockhausen, Paint Protection

“Anthony did an amazing job on my Tundra! Wish I did it sooner!”